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Carpe Horas

Seize the Hours!

Seize the Hours!
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A multi-fandom roleplaying game

It's always been there, that building with the dilapidated sign, that door on the disused corridor. No one bothers with it, until one day, it's opened to reveal...

A house. No, more than a house... a mansion.

It has all the amenities of home. Comfortable couches, a roaring fire, a library, a kitchen, multiple porches... There are even possibly some good friends already here.

There are always enough couches for every private conversation, enough rooms and beds for every weary head. And if more privacy is needed, there are substantial grounds, a forest seemingly for miles around and even a deep lake. Watch out for sea monsters!

Welcome to a place between places, a time between times, a crossroads where all worlds can meet and converse.

Sit down. Have some tea.

No one knows why they came but it seems that now they are keeping all the hours (and keeping you up until all hours, too)!

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He had gone in because of Carpe Horas, and he returned because of Carpes au Gras. They drank there, they ate there, they shouted there; they paid little, they were always welcome.
-- Victor Hugo, Les Miserables.